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My News Date: Aug 24th @ 1:14am EDT
Dear my users. I'm glad to broadcast for you again, but I'm afraid I have been feeling bad lately. I will be happy if you are kind, share some loans so that I can buy myself a medicine and rejoice you with my smile and healthy body and spirit.
Dear guys Date: May 27th @ 4:31pm EDT
It is difficult for me to talk about this, but you must know that I need to leave you my friends. I have come hard times, because of which I must concentrate on other things. Thank you for your support. I will be happy to see you on the 19 of June
Chapter 11 Date: May 1st @ 4:36pm EDT
Sometimes there is nothing better than a borderless and such a provocative emptiness. Let for each this chapter will be about what you are worried about lately
Chapter 10 Date: Apr 28th @ 5:37pm EDT
Dream. Each of us has a dream. And that's fine. Remember, dreams create a purpose in us and make us live on no matter what. Dreams are our craziest goals, for which we all often run to the rabbit hole ...
Chapter 9 Date: Apr 21st @ 4:32pm EDT
I. Who am I? We often ask ourselves this question and rarely get an answer. Often we spend our whole life to learn more, but remember: "The answer is always close."
Chapter 8 Date: Apr 3rd @ 5:08pm EDT
Gossip. Gossip and rumors surround us everywhere. How can this be avoided? The answer is simple - no way. You ask: why my report on this? The answer is also simple, and while some people do not understand this - happiness loves silence. This is a lesson that everyone must learn.
Chapter 7 Date: Mar 28th @ 5:09pm EDT
What is love?
When you don't know who you're
Lying next to, do you anymore?
You don't know what love is
Till you love somebody bad enough
Chapter 6 Date: Mar 27th @ 4:45pm EDT
Friends. These are the people who make your life more intense. And sometimes you ask yourself a question: what would happen if in your life there was not this beautiful and much needed friendship?
Chapter 5 Date: Mar 24th @ 4:34pm EDT
Lostness is what happens next. You never know how to restart your life in the right direction and grab for everything that gets caught ...
Chapter 4 Date: Mar 23rd @ 4:15pm EDT
Relief. Probably what comes after. You never know when it comes. But it's definitely worth the rejoicing. Believe ...
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